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To Educate and Inspire Today's Students for Tomorrow's Opportunities To Educate and Inspire Today's
Students for Tomorrow's Opportunities
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Teacher Directory
Janel Baker
765-883-5541 x4166
Brad Bennett
Marvin Boswell
Hola!! I am a Spanish teacher. I am very excited to be at Western this year. I love animals, music and hanging out with my family.
Last updated: 03/27/2012
Monsieur Bowers's Profile
C’est ma première année au lycée Western, mais je suis prof de français depuis cinq ans. Avant de venir a Western, j'ai travaillé à Brown County High School pendant 3 ans et à Roncalli High School pendant un an et demi. J’aime bien avoir tous les niveaux de français. Quelques leçons en particulière qui me plaisent sont celles de Robert Doisneau, WWII de la perspective de la France et l’humeur. Je suis marié a Mme Bowers depuis 2006 et nous avons deux fils, Zander et Max.
Katy Bowers
Jacob Bowman
Stacey Brown
Brian Caldwell
Steven Cecil
Barbara Cline
Last updated: 02/07/2014
Jessica Coble's Profile
Konnichiwa! My name is Jessica Coble. I grew up in Mishawaka, IN and attended college at Ball State University where I received a Bachelors in Japanese Secondary Education. I am the supervising teacher of the Japanese Club, Japanese Olympiad Team, and the Swing Dance Club. Please contact me anytime.
Kristen Cole
Blake Conklin
Kathy Davis
Rick Davis
Georgia Everett
Eric Flickinger
Karen Franklin
Melissia Grant
Roger Guinn
Melissa Harnish
Lacey Haseley
Cherie Helmberger
Angie Heston

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To educate and inspire today's students for tomorrow's opportunities.
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