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Welcome to Student Services!  How may we be of assistance?

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Scholarship Information
2023-2024 WHS Course Description Book -Update 04/27/2023

Indiana College Core

Indiana College Core
Do you want to get a head start on college? The Indiana College Core allows high school students to earn 30 general education credits that can be transferred as a block to any public college or university in Indiana, as well as some private institutions. In other words, students who earn the College Core in high school may already be finished with their first year of college at a fraction of the cost. To learn more about the Indiana College Core and put together your plan, use My College Core ( and work closely with your school counselor.

What is FAFSA?

The Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the most important document for determining if you’re eligible for financial aid — money to help you pay for education and training beyond high school. The easiest way to file the FAFSA is online at

After you file your FAFSA, your college will be able to tell you which scholarships and grants you could receive as well as how much money you can borrow in federal loans. To find out more about the FAFSA, including what kinds of state financial aid is available, check out Learn More Indiana’s FAFSA guide for Hoosiers.

Contact Learn More Indiana and get connected with specialists who can answer your questions.

Career Resources

This website was created to assist a student with plans for after high school.  You can spend some time looking through college and military websites, you may peruse the career clusters, take an assessment test or you may actually complete a webquest that will lead you through a detailed career search.   Review each of the links within the Career Resource Menu at the right and have fun!


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